As a Licensed agent you have undoubtedly spent lots of time, hours and resources towards building a business that you’d hope to greatly profit from.  When you have expenses such as education, Realtor Board Fees and the costs of updating needed tools to stay afloat during the newest “Pivot” that we all face – COVID-19; it can seem overwhelming. If you sometimes wonder how you can stay above water, don’t worry! NB Elite Realty is a full service, low fee real estate brokerage here to help!


What Do Low Fee Real Estate Brokerages Offer?

At NB Elite Realty, we have many tools for success, available for our agents.  One of our best tools is the fact that we are a low fee real estate brokerage.  What does a low fee real estate brokerage offer? In many instances they may offer you sponsorship (or a place to “hang your license”) for a minimal monthly fee, transaction fee or percentage of your sales.  However, while their fees may be relatively low; that may not include any additional training, office availability, coaching, or any E&O coverage for the price that you agreed to pay to these brokerages.


What Differs with NB Elite Realty?

This is a stark contrast from what you will experience as an agent with NB Elite Realty.  We are a Low Fee Real Estate Brokerage; however, we are a FULL-SERVICE brokerage, offering much more than what other brokerages offer. At NB Elite Realty we truly believe that our best success story is YOU! That is why we built our Brokerage to offer the greatest assets and tools to our agents.  NB Elite Realty’s Agent Toolkit is inclusive of:

  • No Monthly Fees
  • Free Agent Training
  • Monthly Webinars Online
  • 24/7 Training Via our NB Elite Realty Interface
  • Investment Strategy Training
  • Commercial Real Estate Training
  • Niche Market Training (Luxury Market, 1st Time Home-Buyers, 1031 Exchanges, Etc.)
  • Free Access to our Private Facebook Group
  • Free E&O Coverage included in your Sponsorship
  • Free ListHUB Access
  • Free Marketing Materials via VistaPrint
  • Access to kvCore at a minimal price
  • Customizable Agent CRM
  • Agent’s Personalized Website
  • Support from Your Broker & Access to Coaches in Each Niche Market
  • Both Full Time & Part Time Agents are Welcome



Walking into Financial Freedom

Most savvy agents are aware that Real Estate can vary in certain markets, and at times, can correspond with certain events that take place around the world.  The most recent example of that was COVID-19.  While many agents have found themselves to be in a tough spot with canceled contracts and are dealing with “cold feet” from their clients; a good low fee real estate brokerage will teach their agents how to thrive in the “new normal”.  At NB Elite Realty, we encourage and teach you how to be one of the best agents in your market.  This means learning how to not only operate as a “traditional” Real Estate Agent but also learning new niches and strategies to build future wealth.  While there are many niches that we teach, a few of the most beneficial are Investment & Commercial Real Estate training.  These trainings are so key because as the economy shifts and moves into one of the most pivotal points in world history, implementing certain investment strategies can build a residual income which leads to financial freedom in your future.


Utilizing Your Resources

So, what’s needed? The first thing that all agents must do is ask yourself, “What is MY biggest asset currently?”  Is it time, a great network, knowledge of the current market?  Once that is determined, utilize that asset and start building from there.  If you have a great resource of time but a small number of funds, a great head start may be opening your personal agent toolkit, provided by NB Elite Realty to learn more about how to increase qualified leads and grow them organically.  After reading and listening to the material in the NB Elite Realty Agents’ Toolkit, take a personal assessment to figure out if getting into investments is the right move to make for you at this current time.  In some instances, agents have been able to utilize their network to work together to start working on certain investment strategies.  This is a great plan if your greatest asset is your network.  If you have a great knowledge of the current market, but little financial resources, can you expand and possibly help renters to find a rental home? In many instances, this is a more immediate source of funds.  Though it may be a smaller check in comparison to a home sale, if you think in volume, could 3-5 rentals a month yield you the resources needed to float some immediate needs? While these ideas are just the tip of the iceberg, a great low fee real estate brokerage can help you with assessing your current resources and helping you navigate through utilizing them to build to add to your business! At NB Elite Realty, we also offer coaches to help guide our agents through business-building strategies.


Benefits of Planning

When you have a well-thought-out plan, you begin to learn how to invest in your biggest resource ever – YOU!!  What does that mean? It means getting more money back at the closing table and more flexibility in your business!  It means support with learning how to thrive in the “new normal” and it also means investing those hard-earned dollars saved, into YOUR Financial Freedom! It means choosing NB Elite Realty as your Low Fee Real Estate Brokerage Sponsor!

At NB Elite Realty we are not only here to offer our support, but to offer the key to the doorway of your future Financial Security!