About Broker Nebo Bandovic at NB Elite Realty

Broker Nebo Bandovic is a reputable and experienced investor with a multi-million dollar portfolio in one of the best areas of Texas and Florida. He is an expert in multi-family investments and income-producing properties; For over 20 years he has been settling many foreclosed house deals, owner-financing sales, REO properties, land acquisition, retail centers and many commercial deals as GP at limited partnerships. NB Elite goes beyond that and helps agents with training for investments and how to build their own portfolio. We are unique by offering agents savings with commissions but we also help agents with investments, training, and education. NB Elite attracts its investor-friendly agents with many superstar agents for single-family homes and commercial properties. We offer our agents monthly free training and guidance to financial freedom through real estate.

For the past twenty years, Nebo has developed an outstanding real estate portfoliothrough his hard work, passion and eye for Real Estate. As a result he enjoys a rich wide network through his brokerage with many motivated agents in Texas and Florida. A sample from his rich Commercial Portfolio is listed below:

• 1840 Richmond, Houston, Texas (Apartment Complex)
• 5506 Beverly Hill, Houston, Texas (Land)
• 1644 Alabama, Houston, Texas (Commercial)
• 3314 Branard, Houston, Texas (Commercial)
• 1419 Hawthorne, Houston, Texas (Apartment Complex))
• 4321 Mt. Vernon, Houston, Texas (Apartment Complex)
• 1423 Hawthorne, Houston, Texas (Commercial)
• 2011 Marshall, Houston, Texas (Apartment Complex)
• 1717 W 2 nd Street , Freeport, TX ( Dollar General building )
• 4512 Mount Vernon, Houston, TX (Apartment Complex)
• 1735 Westheimer, Houston, Texas, (Commercial)