Who do I get in contact with for payment-related questions and concerns?

Petrusa, head of accounting at petrusa@nbeliterealty.com. This includes, but is not limited to: CDA’s, BrokerSumo, payments, checks, Dotloop, 1099, taxes, etc. You will receive a response within the latest, 24 hours.

Who do I get in contact with for questions and concerns about day-to-day operations?

The Support Team at info@nbeliterealty.com. You will receive a response within the latest, 24 hours.

How do I contact the broker for specific broker-related questions that require an answer from the broker?
Where can I find documents already-signed by the broker?

BrokerSumo. On the left toolbar, click Office Documents.

How do I join my local board association?

BrokerSumo has folders for every city containing documents for your local association and MLS.

I want to have access to the NB Elite Realty website member portal. How do I get my log-in info?

Email info@nbeliterealty.com and ask the Support Team to create your log-in credentials for you.

How do I get my own company email?

Email info@nbeliterealty.com letting the Support Team know you would like to have them create your company email.

Can I get an advance on my commission?

NB Elite Realty works with Advanced Commissions. Email team@advancedcommission.com and cc info@nbeliterealty.com.

Does NB Elite Realty have private lenders?

Yes. Email the Support Team info@nbeliterealty.com.

Who is my team leader? How do I get their information?

You can find team leaders for each city, as well as their contact info, here on our Team Leaders page. Contact info for every leader was also emailed to you in your Welcome Email when you were on-boarded. Should you have any questions, email the Support Team at info@nbeliterealty.com

I want to meet a client at my local office. How do I reserve a space?

Email info@nbeliterealty.com with the location, date, and time you would like to stop by (please try to give a notice at least 24 hours in advance).

I have an agent I want to refer to NB Elite Realty. What do I do?

Please note: You must be the one to recruit the new agent, and they must already be prepared to sign up with us. Use our website as a resource for information as to why they should join. When they are ready, send an email to info@nbeliterealty.com with your referral’s full name, phone #, email, license #, if they are MLS or non-MLS, and let the team know that they are prepared to sign the contract

I want to create a team name. How can this get set up?

Email the Support Team at info@nbeliterealty.com to get that sorted.

Can the Broker add/remove my listings to important syndicated websites regardless of which city I’m in?

Email info@nbeliterealty.com to get that sorted.

Can a sales agent have a commission check written to the sales agent’s own corporation or Limited Liability Company? If so, does that entity have to be licensed as a real estate broker?

All commissions must be paid through the agent’s sponsoring broker [TRELA §1101.651(b)] Further, a business entity that receives compensation on behalf of a license holder must be licensed as a broker. [TRELA §1101.355(c)]

Can I do a listing for a person who is on contact with owner as an assignment?


Where is NB Elite Realty located?

We sponsor agents in Texas and Florida. We also have offices in South Beach, Houston, Spring, Dallas, Fort Worth, and Austin.

What is NB Elite Realty’s commission structure?

Agents receive 100% commission at every closing.

Any monthly, yearly, or desk fees?

There is only one yearly fee of $195.

What are the transaction fees in Texas?

Transaction fees start at $99 and are structured like a sliding scale depending on the sales price. E&O is included. Click here for more information.

What are the transaction fees in Florida?

Transaction fees are $200 can be as low as $0. E&O is included. Call 786-332-6199 for more details.

Does it cost to join?

Yes. There is a $100 registration fee. This covers the administrative work the goes into on-boarding you. This includes: adding you into our marketing system on Infusionsoft, creating your website log-in, creating your BrokerSumo account, preparing the contract and Policies & Procedures, filing the paperwork, and adding you to DBPR or TREC.

How do I pay the registration fee?

Right here on our website! Head over to the Broker Sponsorship tab, hover over it, and choose in the dropdown menu whether you want to join our team of agents in Texas or Florida.

What kind of training does NB Elite Realty offer?
  • For new agents who just passed the DBPR or TREC exam for the first time, they will be paired up with a Team Leader in their city. The NB Elite Team Leader will provide one-on-one full support and mentoring throughout the transaction. Ask your recruiter if you would like to have more information. This service is also extended to active/experienced agents upon request.
  • We also offer webinars every two weeks, as well as 24/7 access to our training interface on our website.
Does NB Elite Realty allow commercial deals?

We allow commercial deals, as well as residential deals.

Does NB Elite Realty hire part-time agents?

We hire part-time as well as full-time.

Is there an interview process to get signed up?

No. You can be on-boarded within 24 hours of speaking to a recruiter. All you need to do is call any of our phone numbers to get started.

Am I required to have a membership with my local association?

In order to join NB Elite Realty LLC, you must be a member of a local association. We do have a sister company called NB Elite Realty Group that does not require a board association. This is for agents who are not very active on MLS, those who do more commercial than residential deals, and agent-investors. If this is something you are interested in, let the recruiter know.

What board associations does NB Elite Realty belong to in Texas?

HAR (Houston), METROTEX (Dallas & Fort Worth), ABOR (Austin), SABOR (San Antonio), and GEPAR (El Paso).

What board associations does NB Elite Realty belong to in Florida?

Miami Association of Realtors, Realtors of the Palm Beaches & Greater Fort Lauderdale, Orlando Regional REALTOR® Association, and Greater Tampa REALTORS®.

Does NB Elite Realty provide leads?

Sometimes. Nonetheless, we do have outstanding lead-generation training, and offer a great platform called kvCORE at a low monthly cost. Ask your recruiter for more information.

Is property management allowed?

Due to a recent insurance policy change, we do not allow agents to manage properties that are not their own.

Does NB Elite Realty provide materials for marketing?

We provide the templates for your yard signs and business cards. We are currently working on a partnership with Vistaprint to provide templates for marketing postcards as well.

Does NB Elite Realty pay commission to agent companies such as LLC’s, s-corporations?
  • Not in Texas because it’s against TREC rules.
  • In Florida, we sponsor and pay, but the name of the company must include the name of the agent.
Does NB Elite Realty sponsor DBA’s?


Does NB Elite Realty sponsor team names?