It seems as though the new generations of real estate agents are recognizing the challenges of the real estate market, especially those caused by the worldwide economic hardships and uncertainties. 

Currently, there are over one million active licensed real estate agents in the United States, all on the constant lookout for the ideal real estate company to work with. The difficulty of making the right choice arises both whether you are an experienced realtor or you are just entering the world of real estate. 

To help you find an ideal real estate brokerage company, we are outlining what investor-friendly brokerage is and what are signs you’ve partnered with one.

Traditional Vs. Investor-Friendly Brokerage

The traditional model of the relationship between realtors and the real estate companies they work with is based on the commission split of 50% to 80% agentwise, depending on the company

On the other hand, an investor-friendly brokerage is a realty model where companies pay 100% commission to real estate agents, charging only a small flat per-transaction fee or a monthly/yearly fee. 

Although this type of brokerage has been around for some time, it’s only in recent years that it has gained traction, mainly thanks to the increase in the number and complexity of software for electronic document management. 

With the paperwork now out of the way, real estate agents have gained greater independence, thus making 100% commission-free brokerages the new real estate standard.

Signs to Recognize an Investor-Friendly Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents understand their line of work bears risks and liabilities, especially if they are investors as well. Their perfect brokerage needs to be aware of this as well. 

Thus, when deciding on the future real estate agent partner, you should look for hints that prove you have found the brokerage that will work in the favor of you and your success.

Personal Traits as a Basis

In order for your real estate career to flourish, you will need to look for a brokerage with the right set of skills and values. Primarily, it is integral that your real estate agency shows commitment, honesty, and transparency, both in business and personal communication.

You will want someone who fosters the same set of values as you do, as you will represent them and their business to potential partners and clients. Aim for someone ethical, with a strong sense of integrity and professionalism.

The real estate market is incessantly bustling, so the ideal brokerage ought to be efficient and speedy, otherwise, all the best deals will slip through your fingers.

Experience and Stability

In your search for a favorable real estate brokerage, the years of experience and activities on notable projects ought to play an influential role. Demonstrated integrity and reputation among real estate agents is a strong telltale of how investor-friendly the brokerage truly is.

However, the real estate market is incessantly transforming, which is why experience must be coupled with an impeccable awareness and perception of the industry trends. Ask yourself whether the brokerage can lead your realtor career along the path of innovation and transformation.

Have a Beneficial Math of Costs and Fees

Investor-friendly brokerages usually charge flat fees per deal closing, as well as monthly, i.e. desk, fee, or a monthly fee. Different real estate companies offer varied fee costs – though even these costs are significantly lower than those in the traditional realty model.

Still, there are many hidden costs that you may find out about only after signing the deal. Therefore, to avoid falling into this kind of trap, feel free to ask about possible administrative, compliance, training, technology, franchise, file review, or E&O (errors and omissions insurance) fees. Setting out on a mutual venture based on transparency is the basis of a good partnership between you and the brokerage company.


Develops a Comprehensive Approach to Real Estate Investing

An investor-friendly brokerage is the one that easily gets a grasp of what your financial end-goals are. They will know that getting a great deal is only half of the equation.

It is all about who you know in business. Thus, partnering with a real estate agency that is acquainted with the market trends and has established connections within the industry community can save you plenty of time and money and speed up the growth of your career significantly.

For example, an investor-friendly brokerage could recommend you a great contractor familiar with rental properties, or individuals or firms familiar with the tax considerations of rental investments.

Feel free to ask the specifics of their previous projects, such as the profit margin on the rental property purchases they brokered, or their thoughts on the process of finding the profitable investment properties. 

A true investor-friendly brokerage has strategic partners in various lines of real estate business and uses top-notch technology that helps your realtor career flourish. Furthermore, such brokerage companies offer comprehensive training and mentorship programs for newcomers in the real estate business to help them get off to a good start.

In an investor-friendly brokerage, the broker is an investor and he welcomes agents investors. Agents are allowed to buy and sell properties and represent themselves, with the brokerage educating agents on how to invest and use their license as a tool to build passive income and financial freedom through real estate investing.

Last but not least, your ideal real estate brokerage company provides you with the needed support and accessibility throughout all realty processes.


To Wrap Up

In order for the realty market to remain the hub for aspiring real estate agents and investors, it is of utmost necessity to create a beneficial and trustworthy environment. This is where investor-friendly brokerage enters the scene, by providing the real estate agents with professional, transparent, and adept guidance.


A reliable, trustworthy, and investor-friendly real estate brokerage will guide you through the complexities of realty investments and boost your real estate agency career.

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