Real Estate Investments

NB Elite Realty LLC is at the top when it comes to real estate investments agents and investors can rely on. We help agents specialize in investment properties by providing them with access tot he latest technology and weekly training. With an experienced broker/investor and many superstar investors in the company, our purpose is to educate agents in real estate investing and help them build their own real estate portfolio while working with different investors.  We assist individuals/clients in Texas & Florida if they want to invest in real estate. 

Our company holds weekly meetings in our state-of-the-art office building which includes different webinars covering topics such as the initial consultation and networking. NB Elite Realty LLC has several agents/investors in our network with both residential and commercial real estate experience. We also bring guest speakers with whom our associates have done business.

Here are a few of the key points that can be learned:

  • Where to find good investment properties
  • How to rehab investment properties
  • How to buy and identify a good deal
  • How to finance
  • How to operate in order to have a positive cash flow
  • Learn about property management

As a real estate broker/investor, Nebo Bandovic has closed many transactions in real estate including fixer-upper houses, foreclosures, fourplex, apartment complexes, land and retail for over 20 years. These are some of the resources we want to share with you if you are planning to do investments or work with investors. 


Begin your journey today to financial freedom!

When it comes to learning about real estate investing Florida and Texas Agents

NEED to call NB Elite Realty LLC

Steps to becoming financially independent

  • Educate yourself by finding a top real estate investment company
  • Make a plan
  • Find a mentor who has at least 10 years experience, 500+ deals and profited during the downturn
  • Get your finances in order
  • Start investing & growing your investment

How to become a Successful Real Estate Investor

At NB Elite Realty LLC, Nebo Bandovic, has the reputation and experience it takes to be the mentor who can guide you towards financial freedom.  With over 20 years experience and a multi-million dollar portfolio, he is an expert in multi-family investments, and income producing properties.  He has settled many foreclosed house deals, owner-financing sales, REO properties, land acquisition, retail centers and many commercial deals.

Now NB Elite Realty LLC can help you INCREASE your success as a real estate investor and focus on:

  • How to achieve your goals FASTER with real estate training

NB Elite Realty LLC can provide:

  • The most up to date ways of figuring out the ACTUAL value of today’s properties
  • Real estate investing and life success information, tools, resources, and tutorials
  • Tools that allow you to network with real estate investment professionals all over the US – and beyond
  • Resources for locating real estate agents important to investor success
  • Access to money lenders
  • How to find individuals behind on their mortgage payments
  • Access to the types of buyers that are most open to “creative financing”
  • Access to nationwide tax records
  • Access to wholesale deals in Texas and Florida
  • Access to owner financing notes
  • Access to the best real estate schools
  • Access to the commercial owners database
  • Access to private  lenders
  • Tools to forecast income, determine expenses, develop financial ratios and generate various rates of return on your real estate investments

These are just some of the tools NB Elite Realty LLC has to meet your income goals faster and avoid costly mistakes.

Isn’t time to start living the dream?