Are you a real estate agent in Miami working relentlessly but seeing no profits? Aren’t you frustrated with paying your broker the thousands that you deserve? So many agents like you spend almost half of their hard-earned money (if not more) only to realize that they aren’t being compensated fairly in return.

Well, now is the time to join the 100 percent commission program devised for real estate agents like you in Miami. Did we say 100 percent? Absolutely! Is there a catch? Not at all.

100% Commission – Is It Too Good To Be True?

In an effort to make the lives of Miami real estate agents easy, 100 commission real estate Miami brokerage firms help you save the whole of your earnings and enjoy being financially free. The concept allows you to acquire sufficient industry training and grasp the technological advancement necessary for the success of your profession. This way, Miami real estate agents achieve their goals without giving out a considerable portion of their profits in unreasonable splits.

Partnering with the right brokerage gets you unwavering support at every step of the way. Depending upon the firm, you may be required to pay a flat fee or minimal fee per transaction or per month. Instead of working under a boss, you get the freedom to gain enough knowledge and become industry leaders yourself. You can build your team, have your own brand, yet remain under the umbrella of the brokerage firm.

100 commission real estate plan is new-age and specifically designed for agents to pass on all the benefits to you. Ultimately, the idea is to provide unparalleled support, help you make more profits, and get you up and ready (and not flounder) for success – with no additional or hidden charges whatsoever.

It is easy, absolutely true, and the NB Elite Realty team is all in to help you make more money.

Join Our 100 Commission Club

At NB Elite Realty, we support agents from all situations and backgrounds. With us, you can enjoy an independent lifestyle and the flexibility to work in a “no-pressure” environment.

When you join our team, you will always have someone to walk you through the nitty-gritty of all transactions. We offer FREE and advanced training and a cutting-edge platform to streamline all processes.

We are an investor-friendly brokerage firm with over 700 agent investors who mean a family to us. Each individual gets access to primary and advanced weekly and monthly training. You can also access our VIP investment training program to learn about investing and put your wealth to good use.

The real estate sector is continuously evolving, and we are here to counsel you on every development. With NB Elite Realty, you don’t just enjoy a 100% commission on all your transactions but also multiply your knowledge while you are earning. You save 100% of your commissions and learn to invest and double your wealth for the financial freedom you have always desired for.

Our seasoned brokers guide you on multifamily flips, REOs, and foreclosures. You learn how to invest and enhance your negotiating power with our incredible webinars and PowerPoint presentations. We aim to help you put your listing agent’s license to best use and take your investment activities to the next level.

How Do You Get Paid?

When it comes to getting paid, there are no unnecessary wait times. The payment process is pretty straightforward.

Since we are an online brokerage firm, we host numerous events digitally and have fully automated operations. This way, you get exclusive access to a personal dashboard login to view/add transactions, create disbursements, access marketing materials, and track commissions and reporting.

You create the disbursement on your dashboard and add the necessary documents. Once the office approves your disbursement, you can directly send the approval to the title company. From there, your funds are wired at closings.

You get 100% of the commissions at closings. We only charge a nominal transaction fee, $199 to start with. So, wait no more; get started with NB Elite Realty today!