Real estate is one of the most flexible career choices. Licensed agents help people buy, sell, and/or rent desirable properties, which can be rewarding but not for everyone. As a real estate professional, you get the freedom and opportunity to help clients and build for yourself a secure future.

But how are you supposed to do that when what you deserve isn’t what you earn? How do you plan on easing into retirement with the kind of cut that is snatched from you in a traditional fee model? Here is when a real estate broker 100 commission plan comes to your rescue.

The 100% commission structure is relatively new but the gateway to your dreams. This post covers a few key points about the 100% commission plan and its differences from the traditional model.

What Is A 100% Commission Split, and How Does It Compare Against the Traditional Model?

A 100% commission model allows real estate agents to get full commission on every transaction. Unlike the traditional method where your broker gets a percentage of your commission, the 100% commission model helps you keep the entire amount. This way, you can save more money and invest in your future.

So, for example, if the total commission for your real estate transaction is $12,000, and you follow the traditional sharing scheme between the agent and broker, you will only keep around $6,000 or maybe less. However, with the 100% commission model in place, you will get to keep the entire $12,000 for yourself.

But, keep in mind that a brokerage firm earns by charging its agents a few hundred dollars per month (a flat fee) to use their office space and other services.

Advantages of A 100% Commission Model

Since you do not have to split your commission with your broker, you can take home more than a traditional fee model would allow. What Else? Check out the following advantages:

⇒ Flexibility

When you choose a 100% commission broker, you get complete control over your transactions. You take charge of all your real estate dealings, schedules, and how you plan to spend your money. Besides, you can live your social life and manage client meetings without much hassle.

⇒  Better Earnings

Since a 100% model allows you to keep the entire commission, you eventually earn more money on every deal, especially if you are a seasoned professional. You can complete multiple transactions per month. Though you may have to pay a monthly fee to your broker, it will be significantly lower than the fee you lose in the traditional 50/50 split with your broker.

⇒ Career Boost

With a 100% commission model, you will get a chance to earn a name in the industry rather than promoting the broker’s business. You can build your brand without worrying about upgrading the broker’s image. You get recognition for all the hard work and effort you put in.

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