The first step in pursuing a successful real estate career is partnering with the right real estate broker to help sponsor you. Though it is true that you will technically work for yourself, you must remember that an agent cannot work independently; they must only work on behalf of a broker. This decision has the potential to significantly affect the trajectory of your career, either negatively or positively. Do you want to work for a traditional brokerage or would you prefer working under a 100% real estate broker in Illinois? Do you want training and mentoring?

A lot of real estate brokers are always on the lookout to hire new talent for their brokerage. However, you must remember that different companies have different philosophies, structures, and operations. Your primary goal as an agent should be to find a broker you like and are the right fit for you.

If you have recently started your professional journey as a real estate agent, there are several factors you must look out for when selecting a brokerage. You must assess your current needs and check what the brokerage offers before reaching a final decision. For instance, if you want to learn more about the job, you must work with an experienced broker who can tell you how to run your business best. You may want to take home more money. Working with a 100% real estate broker in Illinois would be a better decision. Below are the top three considerations when finding the right broker.

The Commission Split!

All real estate agents are in the field to make money. It is your job, and you should be well compensated for all your effort. However, the check you take home will depend on your broker’s commission per transaction. If you work with a traditional brokerage, you may have to split your commission 70/30or 80/20!

Remember that whatever you get, taxes and other expenses will bring that total down, so ensure you settle on a commission split that you can be happy with. Consider working with a 100% real estate broker in Illinois to earn more money. A hundred percent commission brokerage like NB Elite Realty will allow you to take home all the commission you get minus a small annual and transaction fee.

Their Reputation In The Market

As a real estate agent, you will act as an independent contractor who runs your own business. But it would help if you remembered that your name will be affiliated with the brokerage you choose to work with. Potential clients will associate you with the brokerage you work with, so you must select one well-respected in the community. Your chosen brokerage’s reputation and brand recognition can severely impact your business, so ensure you are associated with someone with whom people have a positive association.

Training And Mentoring

Many brokerages sign up agents and leave agents to their own accord, while others offer ongoing training and mentoring programs. While this might not be important for seasoned professionals, if you are a new agent, having someone to guide you through your professional journey is essential. Our NB Elite Realty founder, Nebo Bandovic, has years of experience in the field and can quickly guide you to success. Before you sign anything, ask your chosen broker about the kind of mentoring and training they offer and if any extra costs come with it.

Want To Kick-Start Your Professional Career On A Good Note? NB Elite Realty Can Help!

As a new real estate agent, you need to assess your current needs and select a brokerage that can best fulfill those needs. In addition to being a 100% real estate broker in Illinois, Nebo will also teach you how to use all that extra cash to invest back into real estate and create a financially strong future for yourself. At NB Elite Realty, we also offer high-quality training, mentoring, and all the support you need for a successful career. Call our team at 844-444-6237 to learn more!