Certain cities around the globe represent a particular lifestyle that people wish to live. For instance, people live in Paris for romance, NYC for culture, LA for a fabulous lifestyle, and Miami for a life of party. People who visit Miami year-round understand it’s not just about the beach and the weather.

The city of Miami is trendy among American investors from all walks of life. Many people have moved to Miami in recent years to live, and there are various reasons to do so. People worldwide come to Miami to spend their winter months in the fantastic weather. Nevertheless, there are many other reasons why people prefer to shift to Miami, one of the primary reasons being it’s an ideal investment!

Every year there are incredible real estate investment opportunities in Miami that offer you fantastic ROI. With so many upcoming locations in the city, Miami real estate has experienced a significant boom, and several investors are already taking advantage of it. If you, too, are planning on investing in Miami real estate, here are the best neighborhoods in Miami to buy a house!


Living in the gated community of Kendall is much safer than living in 50% of any other neighborhood in the country since the overall crime rate is 40% lower than the average crime rate in the US! It is located southwest of Coral Gables and is an ideal place to live for families and young professionals. The suburban neighborhood is home to several highly rated parks, schools, restaurants, and coffee shops. Living in Kendall can give residents a laid-back, peaceful, and slower-paced feel, making it one of the best neighborhoods in Miami to buy a house. With a total population of 75,000, the community is constantly growing and gaining popularity.


Aventura is a famous city in Miami-Dade County and is often called a hidden gem. The neighborhood is 12 miles south of Fort Lauderdale and 12 miles north of Miami, putting it right in the middle of metropolitan South Florida. It is an ideal area for young professionals to thrive and has much more going on than its location. The real estate market in Aventura is also very stable, making it a good time for investors to score a great deal. Moreover, since it’s located on the outskirts of Miami, buying a house in Aventura will be much less expensive and still offer all the amenities you may need, like restaurants, shops, parks, golf, etc.


Edgewater is another famous area expected to witness a rise in value over the next few years. The community is located near water and has been seeing a lot of new construction lately. It is the primary reason why property values here are also going up. Edgewater will make for an ideal investment for everyone hoping to buy an investment property since selling prices here are low, but the rental rates are high. Though listing prices for properties here could be a little expensive, you must keep in mind that you will get a great view of the water in return.

Despite Miami’s recent real estate boom, purchasing a property still requires much effort. There could be several challenges that arise, no matter the market. Therefore, it’s best if you work with a professional real estate agent when looking for the best neighborhoods in Miami to buy a house. At NB Elite Realty, we have several agents who have been in the Miami real estate business for years! They know what properties are more likely to appreciate the best and can give you their professional insight on your preferred location’s current real estate market. If you plan on investing in Miami real estate, NB Elite Realty will happily connect you with our highly qualified agents near you.

NB Elite Realty: Your Cheat Code To Miami Real Estate!

If you’re interested in investing in Miami real estate but need some time to learn the market, it’s wise to seek the help of an expert. NB Elite Realty’s agents have years of experience keeping up with the latest trends and changes in Miami’s real estate market. With their professional expertise, you can make an informed decision with ease. Additionally, our agents will assist you in completing all necessary documentation and paperwork to finalize the purchase. We guarantee that purchasing a property in Miami with our assistance will be profitable, seamless, and speedy.

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