Though the 100% commission real estate offices have been in business for quite some time now, their overall potential has been realized very recently. Covid-19 changed the real estate industry by eliminating working from an office setup. Agents can now be much more independent by relying less on the office infrastructure and working remotely. Modern technology allows real estate agents to function as individuals, making 100% real estate agent commission split with broker famous.

What Is A 100% Commission Split?

Real estate agents and brokers no longer have to divide their commissions in a 70/30 or sometimes even 60/40 real estate agent commission split with a broker. The primary stakeholders in a 100% commission model are the agents. A 100% real estate agent commission split with a broker is an admirable and unique plan that helps all real estate salespeople account for all their challenges.

The 100% commission plan from NB Elite Realty offers all agents training in best-in-class marketing strategies and round-the-clock broker support. This model ensures that all real estate agents get 100% commissions for each sale they close without splitting the final amount with the broker. You must pay a $249 annual fee to get 100% of your commission when working with NB Elite Realty.

Why Choose 100% Commission Brokerage?

There are many reasons why real estate agents should consider joining a 100% commission brokerage. Some of these reasons have been mentioned below:

You Get To Earn More Profit.

The real estate agents and brokers split the commission in a traditional brokerage split. There may be times when the broker will receive less than the agent. However, with a 100% real estate agent commission split with a broker, you, as the agent, won’t have to share your money with a brokerage. You must pay a yearly fee, and the commission will go directly into your pocket after each sale.


It can be very challenging to manage a real estate office. When you work with a 100% commission real estate firm like NB Elite Realty, you will have access to training and webinars, including one with a business plan to get you started. We will also provide you with high-end marketing material and professional guidance from Nebo Bandovic – our lead broker.


Since everything we do is electronic or technology-based, you will not have to deal with paperwork. This means there are no hidden costs that might affect your overall return in the future. All data, information, and signature have been digitized. All you have to do is scan the documents and sign.

100% Commission Model: What Can You Expect?

All brokerages that offer 100% real estate commission split with brokers charge their agents an annual fee. There are several models in which the payments are structured. Most 100% commission brokerage fees are often structured in the following way:

  • A flat deal fee for each transaction completed
  • Yearly or monthly fee

All real estate agents working for a 100% commission brokerage can expect paying costs along these lines. It can be a combination of fees or just one of them. This is how 100% commission brokers earn money in the real estate industry. Our NB Elite Realty team offers agents the opportunity to build a high-yielding business in the future, unlike traditional brokerages that are very restrictive and have a staggering lack of regulations. Our broker Nebo Bandovic understands that all agents need creativity, flexibility, and power to find their expertise, and we have built our agency in a way that will help them prosper.

Contact NB Elite Realty for More Information.

If you have any more questions, concerns, or queries related to a 100% real estate agent commission split with a broker or would like to enroll in our program, feel free to connect with NB Elite Realty immediately! Our team can answer all your questions and explain how the 100% commission model will benefit you in the long run. Call us at 844-444-6237 for more information.