Can agents keep 100% of their commissions instead of splitting them with their agency? If you are just getting started as a real estate agent, you may be looking for ways to increase your income. Even if you’re a seasoned expert tired of splitting commissions, we can help.

Many real estate brokers have started allowing their agents to keep 100% of their commission fees. The most attractive part – there are no large transactions or hidden costs.

All real estate agents, rookies, and seasoned professionals can benefit from brokerages like NB Elite Realty. In a 100% commission real estate model, you will have to pay a flat broker fee (monthly or yearly) instead of a traditional commission split. It allows agents to do business their way while also making more profit from each real estate deal.

What Makes A 100% Commission Model Better?

It might sound ambitious, but a working broker-fee real estate model that enables you to keep 100% of your commission is the way to go. The most obvious advantage being you, as an agent, will get to keep 100% of the money you make and not split it with your broker.

The other benefit is you get to be your own boss. This model allows you to work for yourself and plan your working hours accordingly. You will no longer be under any stringent guidelines made by a brokerage.

Flexibility is considered a luxury in any business, and here, you will get to plan appointments, schedules, and showings based on the value of each client. Some other advantages of this broker fee real estate model include:

  • A chance to establish your name in the industry
  • Sales training whenever you need it
  • Full transparency between you and your clients

The primary benefit of working with a large brokerage was the promise to provide you with leads. However, you still have to jump through all the hoops to reach anywhere, even when there is no guarantee of getting serious leads. Most brokerages can still not keep this promise because they need to establish an excellent network to find clients or need more resources.

The real estate industry has reached a point where sales professionals who push their name have become much more successful in the market. Most traditional brokerage firms still can’t provide their agents with the tools and resources they need to chase leads or build a sound online campaign. It is the primary reason it only makes sense for you to go for the 100% commission broker fee real estate model.

Personalized Marketing Can Help You Boost Your Career

We live in the age of personalized marketing. The only thing keeping professional agents tied to traditional brokerages is the fear of failure or lack of imagination. Nevertheless, agents are likely to only succeed in both cases if they make a significant effort to build their brand online.

Businesses used to take a lot of time to establish trust and build authority in the market. However, with the emergence of the internet, it takes less time to do the same thing online. For real estate agents considering switching to a 100% commission broker fee real estate model, you can brag about every sale you close online. An agent with only ten successful sales can easily make them look much more appealing since they fully control their business and marketing! Remember, perception is everything!

Ultimately, a 100% commission model is too attractive to ignore. Looking at the current real estate market, it doesn’t matter which firm you’re working for; if you wish to have a successful future as an agent, you must concentrate on building your name. It’s something you can’t do when you are busy chasing cold leads or meeting sales targets for a traditional brokerage.

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