Rehabbing real estate can be very rewarding but it is important to know how to approach it. At NB Elite Realty LLC in Miami, we teach our agents how to advise their clients through rehab so that they can create those lasting connections with the clients they serve. We are one of the top 100% commission real estate brokers Houston has to offer and we take great pride in the level of care and attention that we devote to our agents to ensure that they are successful. If you would like to learn more about us, contact us at NB Elite Realty LLC today.


Creating a Plan for Rehabbing Real Estate


The first thing that you have to advise your client on is how they are going to create the plan for their real estate rehab. It is important for them to make sure that they have a plan not just as to how they want the house to look when the renovations are over but also what details need to be taken care of in order to make the rehab a success. In houses that need work, there is often much more beneath the surface that needs to be addressed.


Of course, repairs are the most important thing that they have to consider, but there will be much more beyond the necessary repairs. The next thing that you will need are the repairs that will help sell the house. These are usually much more centered around the appearance of the property as opposed to the actual functionality of the property.

Once you have this, then your client can begin the process of finding contractors to take care of the work. They can also start to pick out the materials that will be used in the rehab and anything else that may need to be taken care of before the actual rehab starts.


Managing a Rehab


After all the preliminary aspects have been taken care of, they can then move forward with the other aspects. Your client will need to oversee all of the actual renovations that need to be done to the property. They will have to make sure that everything that is done to the property is up to code so that they are not fined for the actions of their crew.

Presenting the Property


The most rewarding part of any rehab is the moment when the property is ready to be sold again. It is at that point that your client will have invested time, effort, and money into this project and they will long to see it to its fruition. Maintaining a relationship with your client throughout this process not only ensures that you will build referrals from that client; it also ensures that they will turn to you again when it comes time to sell their newly rehabbed property.


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