As a new agent or an agent trying to navigate our “new normal” since COVID-19, especially in New York, it can sometimes feel like you are the lead actor in “The Matrix” when trying to determine how to navigate the journey to Financial Freedom. Have you thought about real estate mentoring in New York to help you?

Navigating In the Current Market – Independent Pathway (Red Pill)

While some agents have gone along the independent pathway to employ certain methods in order to gain success, that pathway can seem to be cheaper.  After all, classes and Real Estate Mentoring in New York can seem costly at first.  But if your business and profits are not growing, and your journey becomes a long, arduous, and even a delayed path to success, can you truly afford not to have proper training?  At NB Elite Realty, we encourage every agent that the key to success is always to invest in your best resource – YOURSELF! Utilizing the independent pathway to success does not mean that you should forgo enrolling in classes and training to enhance your skills or to learn additional strategies and niches.  Independent agents who choose not to have a mentor can experience slower growth in successful transactions because they are limited to their own knowledge and research.   Often tools, databases, and even their network of resources such as title companies, attorneys, contractors can be a very small circle.


Navigating In the Current Market – Real Estate Mentoring in New York (Blue Pill)

In contrast to the agent who chooses the independent path, an agent or investor who chooses Real Estate Mentoring in New York has much more success!!  An agent who chooses real estate mentoring in New York will often experience an energized boost in business and profits because they have the advantage of a direct hands-on approach to learning the ropes of investing and agency! With 1 on 1 time with the right mentor; not only will your business grow, but both you and your mentor benefit by partnering on deals together and enhancing each other’s network! Also, a great mentor can help you determine the right marketing and investing strategies according to your own personal circumstances.



Choosing the Right Mentor

Choosing the right mentor is a key element in your personal success. The best mentor will have the financial portfolio and resources to reflect the success that you hope to reach.  Also, the mentor needs to be well-versed in many solutions and strategies with a network of other experts and investors ready and willing to do business with you.  Another great thing to look for when searching for Real Estate Mentoring in New York is someone who’s truly willing to show you how to grow and who will not treat you as just a “Birddog” to drive and spend countless hours searching for properties and prospects. While prospecting is important, the most successful mentor will show you the right activities to enhance or revamp your business.



NB Elite Realty is Here to Be Your Guide!

We have all heard that old phrase, “Knowledge is Power”! How powerful you will become when choosing Real Estate Mentoring in New York, is dependent on how knowledgeable your mentor is. That’s why NB Elite Realty offers a very special pathway to success personally lead by the broker of our company – Nebo Bandovic! Nebo is a very knowledgeable and successful mentor as well as an investor with a multi-million dollar portfolio!  He has been in business for more than 25 years and he has worked with owner-financing sales, REO properties, land acquisition, retail centers, and many commercial deals as GP at limited partnerships.  He has guided countless agents at NB Elite Realty how to not only be a traditional agent but how to become a truly successful investor! Nebo has proven that he is the “Ultimate Guide” in the real estate investment world!  When you choose Real Estate Mentoring in New York with NB Elite Realty, you will gain the following:

  • 5-month program
  • 1-hour, one on one sessions every other week on Zoom with Nebo and other investors (group will be small). In these sessions, Nebo and other investors will be analyzing deals, answering questions, sharing million-dollar advice and secrets, etc.
  • In your first Zoom session with Nebo, he will analyze you and your family’s personal financial situation, create a business plan, and answer questions.
  • Nebo can also partner in your future deals



Ready to Grow?

Whether you are somewhat new or trying to grow into mastering a new niche or strategy, when choosing Real Estate Mentoring in New York, you can be sure that we have what you need to get you on the path to true financial freedom! Contact us to get started.