Were you aware that Houston jumped three spots among America’s metros, as the majority of CRE investors anticipate increased buying activity in 2018? It is now ranked #4. This means prime real estate investments for clients across the city. NB Elite Realty is here to ensure that you have what you have all the information you need in order to pursue this opportunity. Take advantage of 100% commission real estate brokers Houston! Contact us to learn more!

And Survey Says…

There was another recent survey of commercial real estate investors that ranked Houston as a top 5 target for investment among America’s metros. Previously before this, the city was ranked at #7. The survey covered all asset types. It shows that 88 percent of investors plan to either maintain or increase spending in 2018. In 2017, the percentage was at 83.


The survey also looked at how investors view each asset. It overlooked the following:

  • Industrial – This type is increasingly the preferred property type. 50 percent of investors voted this as the most attractive for investment in 2018. This is up from 38 percent last year.
  • Multifamily – 20 percent of investors voted this as the next most attractive property type. This number has dropped since last year.
  • Office – 14 percent of investors said they are planning to invest in office product in 2018.
  • Retail – Even though e-commerce is on the rise, the retail sector improved modestly from last year. It jumped two percent. Last year it earned 8%, and this year it is 10%.


Real Estate Investments in Houston

The survey also provides insight to investors on how they view the growing trend of co-working. At 20 percent of a building’s total space, more than 90 percent of investors see co-working as having a positive or neutral effect on a building’s long-term capital value. Although, more than half of the respondents said that once co-working space climbs to 40 percent or more of a building’s total space, it adversely affects valuations. It gets even better for you when you are a 100% commission real estate brokers Houston loves.


Brian McAuliffe, President of Capital Markets, stated, “Despite the possibility of escalating interest rates, the vast majority of investors intend to acquire assets in the Americas in 2018. Risk tolerance is expected to remain unchanged, but investors’ search for yield and asset diversification is pushing them toward value-add assets, secondary markets and alternatives in 2018.”


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