Webster’s dictionary defines a mentor as someone who is “a trusted counselor or guide.” Working with a real estate investing mentor is one of the most full-proof methods of success in the business. There is nothing more valuable than the guidance of an experienced real estate investing mentor. This applies to all – experienced investors and agents just starting to dip their toes into investing!


Why Work with a Mentor?

Firstly, it’s hard to begin any business venture without any sort of prior knowledge. Even with some research, real estate investing isn’t the sort of thing you just jump into head-first and start. It takes preparation, knowing the right people, and having the right sort of guidance and training. Therefore, a real estate investing mentor can help you get ready, educate you, and walk you on the right path of knowledge and success.


Who is NOT a Real Estate Investing Mentor?

  • Self-proclaimed business persons who have barely done any deals
  • Your friend Joe Schmo that sold that one house… in 2007
  • That sketchy family friend who sells timeshares
  • An individual who you feel the need to get close to because they have the success you want


Who IS a Real Estate Investing Mentor?

  • A person that you trust, admire, and respect
  • Someone who has an impressive portfolio of investment deals
  • An individual whose work experience and personality align with you and your goals
  • Someone who is willing to work with you one-on-one on investment deals
  • An overall passion for real estate investing is what drives them to succeed
  • (If person has also worked as a real estate agent, it’s a major plus)


Finding the Right Mentor

Given what has been said above, ask yourself if you already know someone who meets the criteria of a real estate investing mentor. Chances are, one or even two people pop into your head. However, if nobody seems to some to mind, we have some tips on finding one.  

The best and more full proof way is to ask through referrals! Ask a colleague you trust if they know of a real estate investing mentor. Word of mouth is the most effective and trustworthy way of trying to find any type of service. Next, GOOGLE. You can look up real estate investing events in your area to attend, mentorship programs online (can be costly), or check any ads that pop up in your Google search.

real estate investing mentor

Your Broker Could Be Your Real Estate Investing Mentor!

At NB Elite Realty, we offer the most invaluable form of training – mentorship. Our brokers and team leaders are top-notch investment and real estate professionals who know a thing or two about the market. More specifically, our broker Nebo Bandovic, has been a real estate investor for over 25 years. e is an expert in multi-family investments and income-producing properties, which has allowed him to create one of the top brokerage firms in the country. Read more about Nebo here.


If you’re looking for a real estate investing mentor, NB Elite Realty is the place to start. Get started by calling us at 855-500-NBER (6237).