As one of the top real estate brokers in Texas, we at NB Elite Realty LLC want our agents and prospective agents to get to know the team that they will be working with. NB Elite Realty LLC is an investment broker that can help you get to where you want to be as an agent with our resources and training from experts. If you are interested in learning more about our services, contact us at NB Elite Realty LLC in Texas.


Coaching and Membership Team


We have a stellar coaching team available that can help lift you to the success that you have been wanting.


  •       Jimmy Lam: Jimmy Lam is the mentor for commercial real estate investment and his primary responsibilities involve sourcing, negotiating, financing hotel acquisitions, and development projects. In addition to this, he also oversees asset management and strategy for the company’s portfolio. He is also currently the president of the Landlord Association.
  •       Andrea Lizcano: Andrea Lizcano is the residential and single family investment mentor. In the past, she has worked largely with residential, farm and ranch, and investment properties. She began her real estate career in 2004, after moving to the United States from Colombia to study Marketing and International Business at the University of West Palm Beach.
  •       Yolanda Westmoreland: Yolanda Westmoreland is the real estate agent mentor and her focus is on closing business sales, working with owners and buyers, and developing long term relationships with clients. She began her career in 2012 and has since worked with Coldwell Banker and Mersal Realty before settling at NB Elite Realty LLC.

Nebo Bandovic, One of the Top Real Estate Brokers in Texas


As a broker, Nebo Bandovic has been in business for over twenty years. During his career, he has settled foreclosed house deals, owner-financing sales, REO properties, land acquisition, retail centers and many commercial deals. He has a wide network of agents in Texas and Florida as a result of his hard work and devotion to growing as an agent and as a leader for other agents to depend on.

If you are searching for assistance in finding real estate brokers in Texas, we have ample resources for our agents to benefit and grow in their career under the tutelage of our mentors and our expert broker, Nebo Bandovic. You do not have to settle for an investment broker that will not provide you with training and support. With NB Elite Realty LLC in Texas, we value getting you where you need to be. Contact us if you would like more information on our services and see how we could help you.


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NB Elite Realty LLC is a top investment broker in Texas and we have an incredible team ready to help you become the best agent that you possibly can be. If you are interested in learning how to grow as an agent and you would like to learn more about how we could help you, contact us at NB Elite Realty LLC.