A common question running through real estate agents head all the time is, “How’s the housing market these days?” They either get asked it, or they are the ones asking.  Regardless of how to think about it. Do you know how the housing market is these days? NB Elite Realty is here to ensure that you have all the information you need to know to get your head toward the right direction. We are a real estate brokerage who offers a low real estate broker fee. We are a low fee broker that Dallas real estate agents can trust and depend on. Contact us today!


The Housing Market Today

On a national scale, the yearslong trend of buyer demand outpacing the number of homes on the market continues. However, the second quarter of 2018 appears to show glimmers of a possible change, as the inventory of properties for sale grew by 12.2 percent compared to the first three months of the year, according to a report by real estate information company Trulia.


A basic answer to the inventory shortage is for the construction of new homes to increase. But issues with zoning to allow for new homes to be built or redeveloping existing properties slow the process down, in addition to labor shortages in the construction industry and tariffs on Canadian lumber imposed in late 2017 by President Donald Trump’s administration.


What We Predict Using Our Real Estate Broker Fee

As you examine the status of your local housing market, keep in mind that market predictions aren’t a guarantee. As long as you are making a well-informed decision regarding a home sale, including taking into account the potential for changes to your financial situation in the near future, a prediction should not have a significant impact on your deal.


Rather than guarantees on prices going up or down, you can expect consumer preferences to continue to change how homes are presented, with a growing focus on the community outside the property lines. Reasons behind this include the fact that consumers prefer that walkable, Main Street setting, and also because housing prices now take the greater community into account. Ask our low fee broker if you have any concerns.


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