If you are a real estate agent, you may know how traditional brokerage tends to come with a broker’s split, ranging from 10% to 60% or even 70%. This is a huge chunk of commission that you, as a real estate agent, have to give away on your transactions. However, it is not something that can’t be changed. You can find broker solutions available for all real estate agents who wish to keep 100% of their commission. This blog will focus on the real estate broker 100 commission plan and how it works.

Real Estate Broker 100 Commission Plan – A Quick Overview

Most traditional brokerages tend to feature a lot of overhead costs and offer you extensive training and, in some cases, even leads. However, you will have a significantly lower office and overhead expense when you partner with an experienced firm, such as NB Elite Realty, for a 100% commission plan. Though many 100% brokers don’t offer training, our founder and head broker, Nebo Bandovic, is always available to all our agents looking for expert advice or professional guidance.

How Does It Work?

How do 100 commission real estate brokers make money? Well, it’s all in the numbers. In most circumstances, a 100% commission brokerage will come with a fixed rate for the broker sponsorship (for example, 99$). They may also have a nominal transaction fee (for example 25$) to help with additional expenses. If you multiply these numbers over all the agents in the firm, you will see a steady amount of good income. However, not all 100% real estate commission brokerages are equal. If you are planning on joining a 100% commission brokerage, you must consider the following things:

  • What type of support do they offer?
  • Do they allow you to deal with other areas of real estate?
  • Will they cover E&O insurance?
  • Total cost?
  • Will they give you leads? If so, what is their split on them?
  • Will they help support your long-term career goals?

A real estate broker 100 commission plan can be an excellent way for real estate agents to earn some side income since there are fewer expenses than a traditional brokerage. Moreover, most of these firms will also not have any quotas you must fulfill within a certain period. Even though this type of commission plan is known to work wonders for new real estate agents, it is also an amazing option for all senior real estate agents who no longer need the help and support of a professional broker and are tired of splitting a considerable amount of their commission with one.

Enjoy 100% Commission and Transparency

In the world of real estate, traditional brokerages are infamous for creating a lot of confusion. Much information is hidden from the agents concerning the fees, payment structure, and the total commission split. If you are working for a traditional brokerage, one thing is for sure; you are taking home much less of what your hard work is worth.

By joining a real estate broker 100 commission plan, you will no longer have to stress about this or search for any hidden loopholes. Our team from NB Elite Realty will lay out everything upfront in simple, clear, and easy-to-understand terms. Want to know more? Contact our team today!

Wish To Take Home 100% Commissions? Join NB Elite Realty Today!

Are you tired of sharing your hard-earned commission with a broker? Do you wish to take 100% of your real estate commission home? If yes, we suggest you get in touch with NB Elite Realty right away! Our founder and broker, Nebo Bandovic, has years of training and experience dealing with several different types of real estate property. He has had a successful career as a real estate agent and can help you achieve the same level of success in no time. With you joining our real estate broker 100 commission plan, you will not have anyone riding on your back to meet specific goals or numbers. You will have the flexibility you need to run your business as you see fit. Call us today at 844-444-6237 to find out more.