When you work under 100 percent commission real estate in Chicago, your brokerage will help cover certain costs, like technological and physical tools. These tools will help you run your real estate business without any interruptions. When your business is booming, you and your broker will succeed.

Why Consider The 100% Commission Model?

It can be challenging for independent real estate agents to attain success. It would help if you put in long hours to finalize a sale, only to watch your commission broken down to a fraction of the amount left. At NB Elite Realty, your hard work deserves much better compensation. By becoming a part of our 100% commission team, you will have everything you need to reach your maximum potential and earn what you deserve.

When you join NB Elite Realty and start learning under Nebo Bandovic – a trained and experienced real estate expert, you will not have to worry about how much of your commission will be taken away. We have an upfront, transparent, flat monthly fee for joining our winning team, and you will get to take home 100% of your commissions.

Benefits of Working with A 100% Commission Broker

There are various methods 100% commission brokerages use to make up for not getting a chunk of their agent’s commission. Most 100% real estate commission brokerages will ask you for one or a combination of the following:

  • Fixed, flat monthly fee
  • Handling fee
  • Annual fixed fee
  • Desk fee
  • Per-transaction fee

As an agent working under the 100% commission real estate model, you must have some experience to stand your ground in today’s competitive market. Once your fees are collected, you will be offered various services, including access to corporate offices or computer systems. Other standard offerings to agents include in-house software with access to leading data providers and training opportunities.

Many agents are now switching from traditional brokerages to 100 percent commission real estate in Chicago. Being able to cash in 100% of your sales commission is a critical reason you may wish to join our NB Elite Realty team, but there are other advantages as well that you need to keep in mind when making a choice:

Flexibility And Freedom

In a traditional real estate brokerage, agents are expected to meet monthly or yearly quotas and are forced to match the standards and restrictions of their brokerage. These requirements often help brokers make money from you and believe they know how you can present yourself the best. Working under a broker with 100 percent commission real estate in Chicago, you will not have anyone on your back forcing you to meet specific goals or numbers. You will have the freedom to run your business exactly how you want.


In a traditional setting, brokerages try their best to create confusion. There is a lot of information regarding fees, payment structure, and commission splits that are kept hidden. Working under a 100 percent commission real estate in Chicago, you will not have to look for hidden information or loopholes as everything is laid out in clear, simple, and easy terms right up front. As the agent, it generally results in you taking home much less than you deserve.

How To Join A 100% Commission Real Estate Broker?

NB Elite Realty is a premium brokerage that helps new and experienced agents take home 100% of their commissions. Please speak with one of our experts today to learn how you can join our team and pave your way to building a fantastic career in real estate. If you decide to come on board, you will be joining one of the most trusted and experienced brokers in Chicago – Nebo Bandovic.

Nebo has several years of experience dealing with residential and commercial real estate properties nationwide. Under his professional guidance, you can learn and imply some of the most remarkable marketing techniques that help you close more deals than usual. Call us at 844-444-6237 for more information.

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