For real estate investors, the process can get pretty complicated. It is your job to reassure them. When they seem to be stressed out, tell them the truth. There are really only two lease options when it comes to real estate investing. They can either buy and sell or they can buy and hold. That is it. There is nothing more to it than that. Here at NB Elite Realty LLC, we are here to aid you and your clients along the process. We are the best resource for you. We are proud low fee broker who offers 100% commission real estate, Fort Worth, TX.


Real Estate Investors Should Consider Lease-Options

It can be argued that those are the same two options for any sort of investment. Stocks, for example, can be bought low and sold for a higher dollar amount. Or they can be held for long-term appreciation and for dividends collected along the way.


There may be an avenue for residential rest estate investors to combine the best of both worlds. When doing so they reap the advantages of buying and selling. Plus they also gain the advantage of holding real estate in a portfolio. Our low fee broker can help.


What is a Lease Option?

This term is a legal term which is commonly known as “rent-to-own” which sometimes has a negative connotation because some have viewed the rent-to-own industries outside of real estate as exploitative. When it comes to real estate, a lease-option is just what it sounds like a lease with the option to buy.


A lease-option is a legal instrument that is used between an investor/seller and a tenant/buyer. It involves a lease with a monthly rental amount die, but it also includes an option to buy for a predetermined price. This is at any time during the agreement.


What Are The Benefits?

  • Higher monthly rents
    • Since a portion of the rent paid is to be credited to the buyer at the time of the purchase, the owner of the property can demand  monthly rent higher than the market norm.
  • Greater tenant responsibility
    • If a rental is structured as a lease-option, the tenant is operating under the assumption that they will eventually own the property. This means he or she may be more will to take better care of it.
  • On-time rental payments
    • A lease-option arrangement can include the provision that the amount of rent credit toward purchase is only applicable if the rent is paid by a certain date each month, The tenant has a huge incentive to pay on time.
  • Pre-arranged sales price
    • The owner of the property can build expected appreciation and be guaranteed a bottom-line sales price years in advance.


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