As an investment broker, it is important that you inform your clients about any investment property tax deductions they can get. NB Elite Realty LLC in Texas equips their agents with the tools they need in order to succeed in their industry and give their clients the best opportunity to get the property they want. If you would like to join their ranks of agents, contact NB Elite Realty LLC and get the tips and support you need to succeed alongside others in your field.


1) Your Services


Your clients can deduct your service fees from their taxes. It is important to share this with them when you discuss what deductions they are eligible for, as this can make a significant difference in their decision to seek an investment broker at all. Knowing that having a broker at their side will garner them a deduction could be all the motivation they need to hire you.


2) Investment Property Tax Deductions Through Interest


Clients can deduct interest from an array of sources. This includes the interest that they pay on their mortgage that was used to acquire the property and any interest on credit cards used to purchase goods or services for the property. These deductions can be significant enough to make a difference in the overall investment price of the property.


3) Any Repairs That They Do


If the property that your client invests in needs repairs to be functional, there are deductions that can come into play from those repairs. As long as the repairs are not excessive and are, in fact, necessary to make the building functional, they can list those as deductions on their taxes.


4) Insurance for Their Property


Typically, your clients can deduct their insurance from their taxes. This extends to any kind of insurance that they may seek for their property such as fire, flooding, theft, or a variety of other add-on options. As long as the insurance directly covers the property, it can used as a deduction on your client’s taxes.


5) Their Travel Expenses


If your client has to travel in order to care for their property, they can list this as a deduction on their taxes. Thus, if your client has to take an overnight trip to deal with their property, all of their hotel expenses as well as whatever else was necessary for the trip—such as plane tickets and rental car costs—can be listed as deductions. They must be careful, however, to provide proof of their trip and how it related to their property in order to avoid scrutiny from the IRS.


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