Whether you are a seasoned real estate agent or someone who has recently started a career in the field, one thing you need to have is a real estate broker. Some agents change brokers quite often, while others try to stick with the same broker for their entire career. Regardless, you will need a professional broker to sell real estate properties! So how can you find the best real estate broker in Chicago?

On the surface, it might seem obvious that a real estate brokerage offering you a 90/10 commission split will help put more money in your pocket than a 70/30 split. However, this is only sometimes the case. Moreover, you can find a lot of brokers who work under the 100% commission model, making it harder for agents to find the right partner based on their commission split. There are a lot of additional things that you need to consider besides your commission. Today’s article will focus on the top critical factors that can help you decide if a particular real estate broker is right for you.

Company Culture

While it is hard to assign a precise value to the culture and atmosphere of a real estate brokerage, it’s a crucial factor that you need to consider. As a professional agent, you will spend most of your time working independently, but you will also have to work closely with your office staff, broker, and other agents.

A sound cultural fit can significantly affect your overall level of job satisfaction and enjoyment. After all, all the money in the world will mean nothing if you feel miserable while making it. The best real estate broker in Chicago will offer a friendly working environment to help you grow personally and professionally.

Coaching, Training, And Mentoring

All new real estate agents need to have good training in the field. A licensing school will teach you how to pass an exam. However, you will need more time to consider selling real estate properties for a living. Good coaching and training is the cornerstone for a successful career in the field. Many seasoned veterans believe that training is less critical for them than for a new licensee.

Given how fast the real estate market changes – in terms of different client expectations, demands, and new technologies – training should always be a vital consideration for all agents, regardless of how many deals they have. Only the best real estate broker in Chicago, like Nebo Bandovic, can offer you the training you need to succeed.

Broker Availability

Broker availability is one factor that is more important for new real estate agents than experienced agents. As a new real estate agent, you might have many questions that need professional insight. Getting a timely response from your broker whenever you have a doubt or concern is a reasonable expectation.

Only the best real estate broker in Chicago can help clear your doubts and guide you in the right direction. One way you can determine if a broker is accessible is by asking the agents working for that brokerage if they get the broker’s time when they need it. Any good real estate broker will welcome you to speak with their agents.

Our NB Elite Realty broker, Nebo Bandovic, will always be available whenever you need help. He has years of experience dealing with several residential and commercial real estate projects. With Nebo’s expertise and experience on your side, you can easily make a successful name for yourself in the industry.

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It would be best to consider much more when selecting a real estate brokerage than your commission split. Their company’s culture, training, and support are a few of the critical factors you should consider when selecting a brokerage. At NB Elite Realty, we allow agents to keep 100% of their commission and provide constant support and training. Also, feel free to speak with our agents about their experience working with us. Call our team at 844-444-6237 to find out more!