Have you been wondering how to get real estate leads? There are a number of ways to do it and NB Elite Realty LLC in Houston has some ideas to help you come out ahead. As one of the best 100% commission real estate brokers Houston has to offer, we know how important it is for an agent to have multiple ways to find leads. This way, they can succeed and see real improvement in the number of leads that they get every month. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of one of the top 100% commission real estate brokers Houston agents trust, contact us at NB Elite Realty LLC today.


How to Get Real Estate Leads Through Zillow


One of the best things that any realtor can do is to advertise on Zillow. Zillow is a huge platform for those who are looking to buy a home, with over 160 million users every month. This means that agents in any location can get a ton of traffic and attention on this platform as long as they position themselves correctly. You can even advertise on Zillow and it could be beneficial for you as an agent to invest in this.


Use a Live Chat on Your Website


Many of your leads will make it to your website, but they will not want to speak on the phone or even send an email. However, with the convenience of a live chat, you may see more people in the door who can then have their questions answered and invest in future products or services. They will feel not only the immediacy of your response but also be able to see how much they can trust you as an agent to be responsive.


Door Hanger Campaigning


Door hangers can be better than letters or postcards because they are not tossed in with a number of other advertisements in your mail. Rather, they immediately draw the attention and are left close enough to the home where the user does not have an excuse to throw it out. These can be effective and relatively inexpensive for the agent and they can be surprisingly useful.  

Get Referrals from Other Agents


You may be surprised at how easily you can generate leads from other agents. Other agents can give you leads in your state while you can give them leads in their state. By going to conferences, you can meet with agents and get the kind of connections that you need to have referrals later on. These word-of-mouth reviews can change how your business is perceived and give you more credibility as an agent.


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