Being a real estate agent is your chosen career path. You dedicated your life to finding your clients that perfect property that suits their unique taste and needs. You want to be the number one, and we are here to make sure that is precisely what happens. At NB Elite Realty we don’t just teach you to be how to become a realtor in Houston, we know how to make you best!  We are a 100% commission real estate Texas brokerage.


What Does 100 Percent Commission Mean?

Traditional real estate brokerages pay their agents a percentage of the total commissions. Some of these cases result in a majority of that money going to the real estate office. The percentage is split between the real estate broker and the agent. But it’s your money. You earned it. You deserve it! But there’s another option: 100% commission real estate Texas.


This less common commission structure means the agent technically gets all their commission, but there’s often a monthly fee that must be paid. Plus a transaction fee per settlement that effectively eats into the commission


How To Become a Realtor In Texas – Fees

Joining the right brokerage team is more than just something that you should do. NB Elite Realty LLC, a Texas real estate brokerage, knows that selecting the right broker can completely transform the trajectory of your career. That is what we aim to encourage our agents. We know the value that we can bring to our agents, and we want them to see the benefits. We are a brokerage who offers 100% commission real estate Texas.


When it comes to our Texas transaction fees, they are as followed for our agents:

  • They start at $99 in transaction fees for a sale
    • They are never to exceed $499
  • $45 per lease.

We are located in major Texas locations including Houston, Dallas, and Fort Worth. We sponsor full-time and part-time agents. Also, there are no monthly franchise or royalty fees!


An example of what to look at is as follows:

  • Let’s say there is a sales price of about $200,000. The broker’s fee will come out to be $124. The commission you will receive from that sale would be $6,000. Another example is if you make a sale that is $450,000. The transaction fee will be $249. The commision you will take home is $13,500.

To get a better idea and breakdown of your pricing and fees based on the sales price of the property, take a look at our Texas Broker Page online.


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NB Elite Realty LLC wants to ensure that you become the best sales agent in the industry. We are here to assist! We indeed are the best real estate company to work for because we know how to become a realtor in Texas. We understand the value of a great brokerage and can be a practical resource for agents, but also know how to keep our agents satisfied and happy. We also make sure that we do not detract from agents’ incomes so that they can thrive in the market correctly. If you are interested in learning more about our services, contact us today. We are flat fee real estate brokers who are focused on making real estate agents successful and want to ensure that you make more money each transaction. We are proud to be one of the best real estate companies in Houston.