In most instances, most of the money earned from a sale will go to the real estate broker’s office. A traditional real estate brokerage will give their agents a percentage of their commissions. You can also find other models in Chicago where the commission gets split evenly between the broker and the real estate agent.

The third and most popular option in the real estate market is 100% real estate commission in Chicago. In this model, as the agent, you will get to keep 100% of the sales commission on each deal with some administrative fee. Let us understand how the 100% model works, allowing agents to save money and become more independent.

Traditional Split Vs. 100% Commission Split

In a traditional split, the real estate agent will take a percentage of the total sale. Let’s assume a property is sold, and the total commission on the property earned is $10,000. If the real estate broker has agreed to a 50/50 split, they’d each get $5,000.

This percentage is an amount agreed to by the agent and his broker and usually represents the broker’s services. It could also reflect the sheer volume of business an agent brings to the firm. However, a 100% commission model works differently.

In this form of real estate commission in Chicago, the agent will keep 100% of their commission. Our NB Elite Realty 100% commission model allows agents to take home all their commissions as long as the agent pays a monthly office fee. It is a pocket-friendly amount that you pay every month. Most agents prefer this model because it keeps their costs capped while their income disappears.

Using the earlier example, with this real estate commission in Chicago, all $10,000 of the commission will go to the agent with a minimal office fee attached to it.

Is 100% Commission Split The Right Option For You?

This model is the best option if you are an experienced real estate agent with a clientele base offering a successful business. If you are looking for something other than a referral program to get breaks on fees, this form of real estate commission in Chicago will also work perfectly for you.

However, it is also an excellent option for agents just starting in the industry. Many agents starting their careers need some basic training and interaction with other experienced agents in the field. At NB Elite Realty, we believe learning from experienced agents is an ideal way to build a successful career. We allow you to meet and train under the professional guidance of our founder, and broker, Nebo Bandovic.

The fee structure we offer at NB Elite Realty is one of Chicago’s most competitive forms of real estate commission. Working with an experienced 100% commission broker, such as Nebo Bandovic, gives you the flexibility to schedule meetings and negotiate with your clients on your own terms. Our admissions are open to all motivated agents.

Contact NB Elite Realty for More Information.

NB Elite Realty can provide you with a flat monthly fee structure that’s competitive and enables you to take home 100% of your commissions. When you become an associate with our firm, you will also appreciate Nebo’s support to all his agents, which helps them make a successful name in the real estate industry. If you have any queries or concerns about the 100% real estate commission model, please call our office at 844-444-6237 for clarification.