Even though a lot of people believe that real estate sellers and buyers no longer need the services of agents since they can easily find everything they want online. However, statistics reveal that this is not true. Studies show that only 8% of real estate sellers sold their property without a professional’s assistance, and the rest hired skilled agents to help them.

It is good news, especially if you are an agent since your earnings generally depend on the total number of transactions you make in a year. The more deals your complete, the more commission you get, or at least half of it since the rest will go to your broker if you follow the traditional method of splitting commissions.

Real estate is a great industry if you want an excellent opportunity to learn more about real estate and how to invest in them. However, if you don’t want to split your commission in half and are looking for other methods to earn a better commission percentage, you must consider working with a Texas real estate broker 100% commission plan.

How Does A 100% Commission Split Work?

As the name suggests, a 100% commission split means you get to keep 100% of your commission. You will not have to split your total commission with your broker. Unlike the traditional method where your broker gets to keep a significant amount of your commission fees, a 100% commission split enables agents to save all the money they earn.

For example, if the total commission for your real estate transaction is $10,000, you will only get $5,000 between the broker and agent. However, when you work with a Texas real estate broker 100% commission model, you will get to keep the entire $10,000 for yourself.

The brokerage firm you work with will charge you a few hundred dollars per month for the use of their office space or as membership fees. They will offer you a flat rate regardless of the total number of transactions you make.

Advantages of A 100% Real Estate Commission Model

To help you learn more about the 100% commission model, we have enlisted a few advantages of working with a Texas real estate broker 100% commission scheme:

Better Flexibility

You’ll have total control over your business when you work with a 100% commission broker. You will oversee all your business transactions, schedule appointments, and decide how to spend your money. You, as a real estate agent, will have the flexibility you need to handle clients and manage your personal life without answering to anyone or dealing with a set sales quota.

Better Earning

The fact that this model allows agents to keep 100% of their commission means you will have an opportunity to work harder and get more money, especially if you have been in the business for years and can quickly complete multiple monthly transactions.

You might have to pay a few hundred dollars as membership fees, but you will have access to office space, facilities, and other critical support services. The total amount you pay will be significantly lower than what you lose in the traditional 50/50 split with a broker.

Better Opportunity

Rather than promoting your brokerage’s name, you will get a chance to make your name in the business with the help of a 100% commission model. It will give you sole recognition for all your success and hard work. You will be free to build your brand value as per your wish without worrying about the broker’s image.

Want To Learn More About The 100% Commission Model? Contact NB Elite Realty!

At NB Elite Realty, our broker, Nebo Bandovic, allows all new and seasoned agents to make their own name and keep 100% of their commission. Under Nebo’s guidance and professional expertise, you can easily earn more and boost your career as a real estate agent. Call our team at 844-444-6237 to learn more.

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