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Rapid Recovery Center and Low Fee Brokers

This Austin-based rehabilitation built a new location in North Texas. This rehab center offers post-hospital health care. It has already begun accepting recovering patients in the newly constructed location back in June.

Mark Fritz, president of Rapid Recovery Center said in a statement, “We work closely with local hospital systems, medical professionals and insurance providers to ensure that our patients have the immediate care they need to recover as soon as possible and return home to their daily lives.”

This new location, located on Oakmont Boulevard, offers clinical support systems such as occupational and physical rehabilitation facilities. There is also an in-house pharmacy dispensing system and dialysis coordination services.

There is going to be 70 private rooms, an on-site hair salon, and executive chef. What place is better to spend your recovery? It is practically a paradise. In addition there are provided assisted living spaces with housekeeping services, and exercise room, movie theater, pub, and a bistro. It is a resort for its patients.

How Does The Fort Worth New Development Affect You?

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