Not all professional real estate agents can give you the estimated cap rate for an investment property you are eyeing or the after-repair value of your property.

Suppose you are looking for assistance either sizing up, locating, or calculating the total renovation costs for your next investment property. In that case, you must know how to find an investor-friendly realtor who has specialized knowledge of the real estate market in your area.

Most real estate agents help buyers find properties and work with the seller’s clients who are marketing their real estate. However, investor-friendly agents also spend time learning more about the investment side of the business and tend to manage a few of their own investment properties. A real estate agent who works with investors will know how to analyze a real estate deal and may even have access to off-market properties via their personal network.

What Makes NB Elite Realty Agents Investor-Friendly?

All our real estate agents seamlessly guide clients through the selling and buying of different properties. They assist you with critical steps, including negotiations, marketing, inspections, and closing. But how can you really determine if your real estate agent is ‘investor-friendly?’ What are the typical tell-tale signs if your agent has some extra expertise in real estate investments? Below are a few skills and qualities our agents possess that make them investor-friendly:

Our Professionals Are Skilled At Analyzing a Deal

We understand that price is a critical consideration when purchasing a property – but all investors must also factor in other figures such as taxes, renovation costs, rental income, and more. For instance, an average real estate agent may look at a property that rents for $1,000 monthly with an average mortgage payment of $500 per month and conclude that it will produce $500 worth of monthly cash flow. However, that number differs when considering other essential expenses such as insurance and taxes. The real estate experts from NB Elite Realty will also include some less apparent costs such as capital expenditures, vacancy allowance, repairs, lawn care, and maintenance. This way, we can help you find the perfect financial sweet spot that enables you to earn a profit on your deal.

Firsthand Investing Experience

Several real estate agents from NB Elite Realty are investors themselves. Our founder and broker Nebo Bandovic is an experienced real estate investor with over 25 years of on-field experience. With so many years dedicated to the industry, he understands what a good deal sounds like. Under his guidance, our experts can also find minor underlying details that are easy to miss but can make or break a real estate deal. Remember that an expert who has firsthand knowledge of real estate investments will better spot any obstacles and pitfalls.

Fluent In Investor Lingo

How to find an investor-friendly realtor? Look for someone who can help you source properties, draft contracts, negotiate well, and manage relationships with industry contacts on your behalf. For this, the chosen realtor must be familiar with the terminology, such as ARV, cap rate, NOI (net operating income), IRR (internal rate of return, gross rental yield, and GRM (gross rent multiplier). Accurate understanding and use of the real estate language shows that your agent truly understands their side of the business and can handle the transaction with authority and confidence. When working with NB Elite Realty, you will never have to second-guess your agent’s competency or explain concepts.

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If you don’t know how to find an investor-friendly realtor, we have got your back. You can simply begin with a quick Google search. But, if you are already here, we can help.

NB Elite Realty has a team of experienced and trained real estate agents working under the guidance of Nebo Bandovic – a reputable and professional real estate broker and investor himself.

With our expertise and on-field knowledge, you can find a property that yields the highest returns. Wait no more, contact us today.