Real estate investment is always a smart decision–even more so in Dallas–and NB Elite Realty LLC can help you find the right Dallas investment properties for your clients. Dallas has a burgeoning market with ample amenities that make it ideal for both families and those with a busy, social lifestyle. As such, it is a great opportunity for your clients to find the perfect real estate investment property. NB Elite Realty LLC is the 100% commission real estate Texas agents have been looking for and we can provide you with the tools that you need to succeed with your clients.


A Bustling City with Ample Wealth


The Dallas/Fort Worth/Arlington area is one of the most thriving in the nation today. As a matter of fact, the combined GDP of this region is $504.36 billion in recent years. The region holds so much success that if they alone were to represent a state, they could rank as ninth in the nation.


However, this is not the only thing that makes Dallas so ideal. Since the 2009 recession, 600,000 new positions have been created in various different fields of employment. Additionally, the population int eh region has grown over ten percent since 2010. Many of these new residents are millennial renters who are drawn to Dallas because of a low cost of living and abundant entertainment.


Of those that currently occupy the city, millennials and others alike, 26% of them earn an annual average salary of $100,000. This is due, in part, because the city has a plethora of jobs available. In fact, Dallas was ranked number one for jobs last year. Coupled with both of these favorable statistics is the fact that Dallas ranks second in the nation for healthiest housing markets, making it the ideal place for an agent to develop their career.


What Makes Dallas Investment Properties Worth It


Dallas houses a job market that has tons of room for growth. After all, it houses twenty-two Fortune 500 company headquarters. This number is the second most in the nation. Of these companies are AT&T, American Airlines, Exxon Mobil, among others. It will also soon be home to a 10,000-acre urban park that will be ten times larger than Central Park.


These factors plus many others are what make it such a wonderful investment. Your clients are not only certain to have options for selecting their investment, but they will also be able to assure themselves that it will pay off. For the best 100% commission real estate Texas has to offer, NB Elite Realty LLC can help.


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