Ever dream of making money on South Florida’s best real estate investments? NB Elite Realty LLC, located in Miami, Florida, can help make this dream become a reality. Investing both your time and money can be very scary, but it does not have to be. We have two potential ideas that just may give you the little push you need to make the most significant investment of your life. The Jungle Island Hotel and The Shops at Sunset Place, located in Miami and South Miami, are two new projects that were just proposed. They are currently being voted by residents and have the opportunity to become the latest hot spot. What does this mean for you? The perfect time to be a part of something epic.


The Jungle Island Hotel is one of the Best Real Estate Investments

Standing 130 feet tall and having 300 rooms, this hotel will have the potential to attract guests from all over the world. The hotel will be a 13-story, jungle paradise that will stand above 18.5 acres of waterfront land. The developer of the project is attempting a lease extension of 39 years, and also 15 years for the hotel, itself, in case there are any delays. In just the first three years of operating, the additional rent would add up to $250,000. It will grow to 1.22 Million, or 5 percent of the gross revenue in later years. What an excellent opportunity for flat fee real estate brokers. The overall project will take about six years to complete construction, at the most. Also, there will be contributions made to local city projects. This will include a $700,000 toward an adjacent city park and $500,000 toward low-income housing.


The Shop at Sunset Place Will Be Redeveloped

Located at the city’s downtown, residents will recently have the chance to vote on a change to the commission’s voting requirements for land use and development regulations. This land-use amendment gives permission to move forward to on the project, which would have been impossible before. The zoning change will allow new owners to redevelop the mall. Once this amendment passes, flat fee real estate brokers will have the chance to take advantage of this excellent opportunity to invest. The shopping center was purchased back in 2015 and was petitioned to become a Mediterranean-style mall with two building connected where parts of the center once stood. These buildings included a 400-unit apartment building and a 200-room hotel.


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