Real estate agents work very hard to be successful. They must work daily to find the right deals, only to watch their commission cut into parts by overbearing commission splits, brokerage fees, and several other hidden charges. It is the primary reason many professionals are switching to the 100% commission real estate model in Weston, FL.

What Do You Mean By A 100% Real Estate Commission Model?

The 100% commission real estate model in Weston, FL, is a brokerage model that enables the real estate agent to take home 100% of their commission. It does not include any brokerage splits on the deals you make. You may be asked to submit a monthly or yearly fee to help cover support, office space, training, and personalized marketing materials (with some brokerage firms). The cost is usually a flat amount an agent must pay regardless of how many deals they make in a week, month, or year. It is how most 100% commission models work, and in this blog, we will discuss the top reasons why you should contact NB Elite Realty to get your career on the right track and earn more money.


When you sign up with NB Elite Realty and get your career on the track for success, you will also get an opportunity to run your real estate deals and do business the way you want. You can close more deals, meet high-quality leads, and have a much better social life without worrying about a monthly target.


When a professional real estate agent works with a traditional brokerage, you will quickly discover how confusing it can be. Such brokerages try to hide many things regarding your commission splits, payment structures, and several other hidden fees. These fees often leave real estate agents will much less than they are worth. You won’t have to worry about these issues when you work with a 100% commission real estate model in Weston, FL broker. This real estate model is designed to be easy, simple, clear, and transparent.

You Get To Keep 100% Of Your Commission.

With our NB Elite Realty 100 commission model, you can keep all of your commission on sales without splitting it with the real estate broker. You get several other advantages when working under this kind of model. You will not have to pay any monthly or desk fee and still have the opportunity to meet new clients in Weston and other areas of Florida. Moreover, we offer you premium office spaces and professional support and offer agents the most competitive fee structure in the real estate market.

Training And Support

Our founder and broker, Nebo Bandovic, has been in the real estate business for years. He has all the training and real-world experience to help guide you in the right direction. As little or as much as you feel you need training, regardless of your concerns, you will always have the support you need without any extra costs.

No Targets

You can work freely and at your own pace under a 100% commission real estate model in Weston, FL. If you aim to close 15 or 50 sales, you will get the support you need to fit those goals. We will not have any fixed goals set for you. Agents will get to set their own limits and earn the income they feel they should make.

Contact NB Elite Realty to Learn More about The 100% Commission Model!

NB Elite Realty is always ready to welcome top-performing and motivated real estate agents who wish to keep all of their commission on sales. Our team offers you a comfortable fee structure that’s the most competitive in the industry. If you have any doubts or queries about the 100% commission real estate model, please call our experts at 844-444-6237 for more information.