Discounted real estate brokerages have a ton of great benefits for buyers and sellers. But how can a discounted brokerage also benefit the agents that work there? We’re here to answer that question.


What Are Discounted Real Estate Brokerages?

Discounted real estate brokerages typically (why we say “typically” will be explained later on) offer some, or all, of the same services and support as a traditional real estate brokerage. Most often, they offer these services for a reduced commission split and/or low transaction fees. More and more brokerages are being structured like this because they allow agents to have more control over what they do as an agent, and most importantly, have more success in real estate.


Success, You Say… What Else?

If you’re a real estate agent who currently works for a large firm, chances are you’re being provided with an office space, training, and more. Albeit, all of this in exchange for unnecessary fees and a high commission split.

Agents working with discounted real estate brokerages, though, can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Saves you A LOT of money
  • The chance to invest that money you save back into your agent business
  • Commission splits that won’t take all of your hard-earned money (some even offer 100% commissions at closing, like us)
  • Less probability of having to pay a monthly fee
  • Your E&O insurance can be included in the cost of your transaction fees
  • Flexibility
  • Typically, no production requirements


discounted real estate brokerages


“Discounted” Sometimes Just Means “Cheap”

Remember we said we’d explain why we used “typically” at the beginning of the blog? Well, we have a word of caution that we need you to be aware of. While it’s true that discounted real estate brokerages offer many benefits to real estate agents, you must keep in mind that not ALL offer the same services as regular brokerages. In some cases, these brokerages use their discounted fees and commission splits to boost their profit without providing any extra services to help you as an agent. When speaking to recruiters for said discounted brokerage, be sure you comprehend that brokerage’s business model before deciding to hang your license with them. The discounted real estate brokerages that give the most value are the ones you want to work with.


NB Elite Realty is a Discounted Real Estate Brokerage in Texas

At NB Elite Realty LLC, we pride ourselves on being the finest Texas discounted real estate brokerage. We know the value of our agents, and we want to be a resource to them, not just a name they can associate themselves with. With our years of collective experience, we are prepared to build the kind of brokerage that agents want to be a part of. We are a brokerage for agents that inspires trust and confidence. If you would like to learn more about us, one of the best discounted real estate brokerages in Texas, contact us.

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