“Resilience is accepting your new reality, even if it’s less good than the one you had before. You can fight it, you can do nothing but scream about what you’ve lost, or you can accept that and try to put together something that’s good.” – Elizabeth Edwards


Crisis Management for Realtors

It’s not every day that we have to worry about a pandemic wreaking havoc on our world. Being forced to adapt to the COVID-19 happened pretty much overnight. The pandemic we are facing has really brought the real estate industry to a near-halt, and really shined a light on how unprepared realtors can be when a crisis hits.

Today, we’d like to share with you some tips on crisis management for realtors that will make sure your business stays afloat.


Your Health is Most Important

It’s hard to recognize the importance of taking care of yourself on a regular day, so it’s even harder to imagine being mindful of your health during a crisis. Albeit, crisis management for realtors starts with prioritizing your physical and mental health. Long-term stress is a killer, and you have to find ways to disconnect from the outside world. Meditate, spend time with your family, and practice self-care. Also, you can protect your immune system by exercising and having a good diet.


Mindset Matters

Keeping a positive mindset is another important point in crisis management for realtors. Rather than wallowing in the fact that things are going wrong, change your perspective, and see all calamities as an opportunity to learn and grow. Things always work out in the end, so long that you have a plan in place to get through a tough time. Remember – there is always a silver lining.


Have All Emergency Contact Numbers

Not having a plan means planning to fail later on. You must have an emergency line on hand when disaster strikes, in addition to emergency lines for contractors and your clients. Should a problem arise, you can call your clients’ phone numbers to confirm if they were okay and then ask if any additional problems occurred.


Keep Contact Numbers Up to Date

Next on the crisis management for realtors list is to regularly update your clients’ contact information like email address and phone number. In addition, you should have up-to-date contact information for cleaning services, reconstruction teams, and security personnel.


Train Your Employees

If you have anybody working under you, train them to work with your crisis plan. It’s important to clarify who needs to do what in an emergency so that the aftermath runs its course smoothly. Keep your employees’ abilities in mind while creating your plan. Do not beat around the bush with this.


Step Back and Reorganize

Crisis management for realtors also includes using the time that you wouldn’t usually have to overhaul your strategies as an agent. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a lot of us to stay home for our own safety, and in turn, has given us a lot more time. Take the extra time you have at home to look back at your agent work from a business perspective, and analyze what has and hasn’t been working for you. What is your agent business missing? Could you try something new? Are you stuck doing something that’s outdated?


NB Elite Realty has your Back

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