Miami Real Estate and Cash Buyers Market

Investors Delight Miami Real Estate Florida

Cash Buyers in Miami Real Estate Market represent almost double the national digits!  Cash transactions in Miami Real Estate in Florida are about 20 percent of the national figure. This clearly means two things:

1. Miami is an attractive place to invest in Real Estate for Investors.
2. The city has the ability to attract a diverse number of National/International home buyers, who tend to purchase properties in all cash.
There was a dip in Miami cash transactions at 37.6 percent of October total closed sales, compared to 43.3 percent last year.

The tight situation pertaining to getting financial approval for buildings and condos makes one see a high percentage of cash sales especially in South Florida. 52.8 percent of condo closings in Miami were made in cash in October compared to 22.2 percent of single-family home sales.

When you go out to look for a cash buyer, it can be an arduous task even though you have a great property in hand. In olden times, the formula to find cash buyers for a deal was rather straightforward. Find a property, put it under contract and assign to a local investor in the area. There used to be investors who would be a handful in number and they had a monopoly. Today, there has been a major shift in the system with the advent of technology and The world being at your fingertips thanks to the globalization and the internet!; One does reverse engineering, starting with the end in mind! For those who are systematic and structured, it is actually much simpler than before. . Finding deals become more targeted and you get to optimize your resources and put effort in the select right field of marketing.

We at NB Elite Realty are experts through experience and technology at Investing. We have a pool of talent in the form of Agents and Investors and Brokers all set to guide a first time buyer, seller, salesperson agent or an investor. We teach how to first find a buyer; connect to determine the needs and then find the property. The Miami Real Estate market has bounced back and is here to stay. They are not going anywhere. All we need to do is ensure that the people keep finding this place attractive enough to keep coming and invest.

One of the best places to travel and famous for it’s Art Deco, the city in Florida no wonder boasts of a flourishing Real Estate market and has the ability to positively overcome the attacks of natural disasters like Irma!

Data Source: MLS Statistical Reports, National Association of REALTORS®